Quotations from Martinus Writings


"... in the eternal evolution I could not possibly constitute one single jot more than that which all other living beings before me have been and which all other living beings after me will be."

(Livets Bog (The Book of Life) I, sect. 22)


"Take what you can use from the cosmology and leave the rest." 

(Said in many lectures) 


"Nature doesn't do anything by leaps, but raises every occurrence from one step to the other by its small, subtle steps of development. In the same way must also the animal's transformation into human take place. Through this process of development the transformation doesn't take place more violently than that the latent cosmic organs or brain areas to same extent are transformed and adapted to the vibrations, which the highest energies appear in."

Livets Bog (The Book of Life) VI, sect. 2003
Translation Anders and Marja


"Too early an attainment of cosmic glimpses - that is to say before the individual's moral standard is fundamentally established - will thus be very unfortunate, but it will take place or will be attained in some kind of unnatural way and in a restricted form or as a substitute for genuine glimpses. Absolute and infallible cosmic sight can be obtained only by cleansing the mind of all lower tendencies such as ambition, pride, intolerance, desire for power, dishonesty etc. The combating of these realities is the unavoidable price which has to be paid for basic cosmic sight. That combating makes the human -being "pure in heart" and so it is a natural and genuine way of training for the attainment of divine sight. Any kind of training which is not synonymous with the combat mentioned above must then be the same as a false training or an artificial method and only in the most fortunate cases can bring those concerned into contact with some of the cosmic energies. But in that instance they have not been through sufficient moral development and their spiritual bodies are still too feeble for this contact. Therefore these people will overstrain themselves mentally and become spiritual cripples, a condition that invariably causes fanaticism, which in the worst cases can be followed by mental weakness or insanity. And here it is that the individual meets the "Guardians of the Threshold" in the shape of his own unfinished nature. No one is able to "see God" except the "pure in heart".

Livets Bog (The Book of Life) I, sect. 208


Cosmic glimpses come entirely by themselves and not by any kind of artificial training.

From the book Meditation chap. 11


It can thus be very dangerous to meditate if one is totally unacquainted with the laws of the cosmic structure. When people in the East practise meditation very much and can achieve natural results, it is mainly due to the fact that they respect the holy activities in quite a different way from people here in the West.

From the book Meditation chap. 11


Meditation on the Lord's Prayer constitutes the very highest meditation in existence, for it strengthens and supports the road towards light without in any way whatsoever being a trap or a danger for those who practise it.

From the book Meditation chap. 12


About trying to reach higher state of consciousness:
"...it is a state of 'high voltage', and if the right human qualifications are not present in the consciousness, it can cause the most dreadful forms of 'short-circuit' and 'fire' in the consciousness. The great birth (initiation, my note; M.S) is not something you can hunt for, as you can hunt for a office or an award of an order"

Cosmic glimpses, chap. 5


The only way to reach Cosmic Consciousness is to completely conquer one's own lower nature. 
"Then it comes as an unrejectable and natural organic process, which opens up the individual's latent centres in the brain, and makes him able in his conscious state on the physical plane to be day-conscious as well in the physical as in the psychic or spiritual part of life. Such an experience will come at a time when the individual least has a feeling of it, and not at all considers himself developed enough to be able to get such an experience. It absolutely never comes at a time when the individual considers himself to be enough developed. " 
More about Cosmic Glimpses

Cosmic glimpses, chap. 4


"So, not by discussion but only by development can he grow from a lower to a higher form of consciousness. To dictate to an individual a mode of life or a certain religious concept for which he is not ready would be just as impossible as to dictate to a tiger that it should live on vegetables."

Livets Bog (The Book of Life) I, sect. 163


"The universe is an altar of love. On this altar God bestows his love on the living beings, leading them forward on this high altar of life to being able to give their lives for the benefit of the liberation of their fellow-beings from darkness and suffering, whereby they themselves come to live in the shining flood of rays of cosmic consciousness or the holy spirit. 
In truth! To love God above all things and one's neighbour as oneself is the fulfillment of all the laws."

From the book Meditation 


...terrestrial Man, considered as an animal, already finds himself "limping". He is not an animal in the purest sense, but he is not a finished human being either. He is a wounded refugee between two kingdoms.

Livets Bog (The Book of Life) I, sect. 82


"However terrestrial Man's science does not remain at a standstill but is under constant development and will at some time come to include not only the spiritual world's outermost periphery but also its very centre; in other words, all the other planes of existence."

Livets Bog (The Book of Life) I, sect. 226


"As long as there is a flower,
memories of a higher world cannot be extinguished."

Livets Bog (The Book of Life) I, sect. 183


"True human culture is not a social order where the clever and strong steal the vital necessities from the less clever and the less strong, and live according to the principle 'Every man for himself'."

From the book Meditation 


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